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Test::Unit 0.1.0 Out!

Drumroll, please… I just posted the announcement to ruby-talk: the first packaged version of Test::Unit is out! Woohoo! About time!

What is Test::Unit? Well, it’s a unit testing framework for Ruby. Unit testing is the practice of testing individual units of code to see if they behave correctly. A unit testing framework allows you to take all of those individual tests and roll them up together and run them over and over and over and over… any time you make a change, you can run the tests to see if you broke something. Very handy to have.

The plan is for Test::Unit to make its way in to the standard Ruby distribution, and I’m hoping this release will generate lots of comments on what is and isn’t right with it so that I can get it ready. It’s at the point where it’s hard for me to correct since I’ve been staring at it for so long.

Maybe I can get back to Swig for a little while now…