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What to Write, What to Write?

Things have been zipping along pretty fast lately. Even with my family gone, I’m still finding more than enough things to occupy my time. Of course, that’s a poor excuse for not writing, so I’ll give another one: it’s been hard this week to figure out what to write. There are a lot of things going on, and a lot of things that I’ve been thinking about, but it seems that either they don’t make good prose, or they make wonderful prose and are not yet suitable for posting.

I’ll let your imagination run wild as to what it is that I’ve been musing over that I can’t post; in reality, there are several things. Of course, this is just an excuse, and I’m going to be working harder at turning my activities and thoughts in to words on a regular basis. My goal is to post a minimum of twice a week, and my desire is to post every day.

Of course, I write all this as if those reading it really care… I should probably read my tagline more often.