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Weekends Gone By...

Well, I was hoping that I’d have more time to write while I was over here in the UK, but that sure hasn’t happened. One thing or another seems to come up, keeping me fairly busy. Also, I’ve been doing some writing that has not shown up here, such as my recent position paper for the Apprenticeship Summit, and some research that I may reveal at a later time. Anyhow, I thought I’d at least try to give you a synopsis of what I’ve done on my weekends here so far.

Weekend 1 (4/6): Just arrived. Went to the Windsor Castle, the Tower of London, and got acquainted with Grace Baptist Church, my church family while over here.

Weekend 2 (4/13): Figured out how to get from the Teikyo school to Slough (the big city nearby), and once I got there, went shopping for various necessities (like soap, kleenex, etc.). After getting back home I did laundry and generally got settled in to my new digs.

Weekend 3 (4/20): After finally dragging myself out of bed, I headed out to Oxford, where I spent the better part of six hours touring museums and walking around the city. One interesting event: while eating a pastie in the middle of an indoor market, a group of about a dozen guys came up and started singing a capella songs. There are a lot of street performers over here, and this group in particular was quite good. After they were done, I threw a pound or two in to their hat.

Weekend 4 (4/27): Friday night I went with the young people from the church to ‘youth night.’ A game of football was organized, and I played goalie and in general just had my best game of soccer ever (not that that’s saying much). Saturday morning I went to the men’s prayer breakfast at the church, and then in the afternoon went out with a couple of the guys from work to an exhibition in downtown London. It was not for the faint of heart, so I’ll leave you to ask me if you want more details. Suffice it to say, it was very educational and very, very realistic.

Weekend 5 (5/4): I’m just finishing this one up now. Yesterday I went to Bath, finally arriving around noon, and leaving around 1700. It was beautiful, and very interesting. The city gets its name from the Roman Baths that were discovered there back in the 1800s. I first went to the museum that winds its way through the baths themselves, and then did a walking tour of the city.

What do the weekends ahead hold? Who knows. I’m seriously considering going to York next weekend, and the weekend after that I’ll be home (Hallelujah!) But other than that, the future simply holds promise. I guess I just like being surprised.