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Yes We Are Still Alive!

Ugh! I’m getting tired of looking to see if Nathaniel has put anything new on his web site and finding the same old stuff. The poor guy has been extremely busy. I will let him tell you all about it someday.

Nathaniel is getting a cable connection on Thursday (9/26/02), so after that he will have no excuse for not posting something. (Even if it’s about his dirty laundry… but then I may be the only one in his life who would be interested in that ;-)

I have avoided posting anything myself because I’m assuming you all don’t want to hear about wedding plans. They can get kind of scary… Actually, things have been going very well. Praise God! All the main items are being taken care of. It’s mostly the little details that I find time consuming and stressful. God has put so many wonderful friends in my life that have been a great blessing and a big help, including my mom.

I will be disappearing for a week on Thursday. My family and I are going on our family vacation to Eastern Oregon. It’s a camping / deer hunting vacation. The guys hunt and the gals and kids have fun and play all day ;-) Deer hunting is a family tradition, but because of many odd circumstances, it’s one that I haven’t participated in since I was 14! I have many fond memories of sagebrush, Juniper trees, sunshine and dry air. Where we are going is out in the boonies, so there’s a good chance that my cell phone won’t work. I don’t know if I can live without my daily phone call to Nathaniel! It should prove to be a fun and agonizing week all wrapped up in one. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family, but will deeply miss Nathaniel!!! Okay, I’ll stop the babbling mushy stuff. I don’t want to gross anyone out .

Today I am going into town to do some miscellaneous shopping and I had better get a start on it before the day is over!

Have a great day yourself!

~ Katie

Just thought I’d let you know that cable installation is Wednesday (9/25), not Thursday. (Not even married yet and already we’re having communication problems ;-)

And yes, I am planning on posting something soon…

- Nathaniel