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Just in Time to Leave...

…let me see if I can catch you up.

The problem with not posting anything for so long is that then I feel like I have to bring everyone up-to-date before I can start doing day-to-day postings again. I should probably just read my own tag-line more often (see the top of the page). Anyhow, here’s a quick summary, followed by an excuse for the next period of silence.

I moved to Oregon… how’s that for an update? It’s just a temporary move, while I’m contracting with a company in Medford, but it has allowed Katie and I to spend a lot more time together than if I was still in North Carolina. The hand of the Lord continues to be very evident in our relationship, as the work here in Oregon developed completely independently of our upcoming marriage. Not that I was at all hesitant about taking it, mind you.

So, my life has been quite busy with finding an apartment, working, travelling back and forth between Medford and Brownsville (about a 3 hour drive), and doing all kinds of miscellaneous things, whether they be wedding related, marriage related (which is a different thing altogether), moving related, or something else completely.

Now that I’ve written it down, it doesn’t seem like so much has happened — there’s been a lot, but it has centered around a handful of happenings. Now that you’re caught up, though, I’ll warn you that things will probably be fairly quiet around here for the next few weeks, what with the wedding, followed by the honeymoon, followed by two conferences in Seattle, followed by something else that I don’t even know about yet. Of course, there are two of us now, so after we’re actually back in town, there’s less of an excuse for total silence.

Not that excuses are worth much, anyhow :-)