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And They Lived Happily Ever After. The End... Of the Beginning.

Nathaniel and I were married on October 19th. It was a beautiful day of which I hardly remember anything. It was like living out a dream. Iím looking forward to watching the video and getting our pictures back to help me relive that wonderful time. All day I felt Godís blessing being poured abundantly out on us.

As a female, I have always had my preconceived notions of what my wedding would be like. The actual day was more precious than any notions I could have ever dreamed. The fancy gowns, tuxes, flowers, candles, and cake were all things I had associated with weddings, but I had failed to consider the relationship aspect. Looking back now I can see that the frills of a wedding are just a framework that surround and highlight the blessed union of marriage. The focal point of my wedding was my relationship to Nathaniel. October 19th was the day I married my best friend!

Of all the things involved in this process of courtship, engagement, and marriage, the friendship factor came to me as a surprise. I had never given thought to the fact that I would like the one I love. The ‘liking’ of Nathaniel is the basis of our friendship and our love. It was there before the romance ever began. Marriage is all about a relationship, not soft mushy feelings. Nathaniel was my friend first, before he ever became my lover.

Our honeymoon was sweet. We spent a week at Sun River in a rental house in central Oregon. The weather was chilly but clear and sunny. We had lots of time to do nothing! The week before the wedding went (miraculously) very smoothly so I didn’t get too stressed, but even so, I found my body was in need of refreshment.

Shortly after arriving we went grocery shopping for the week, and were able to make most of our own meals at the house. We went on a long bike ride to a part of the Deschutes River that had some impressive white water rapids. We played putt putt golf on a real nine hole grass course. (I won’t mention my score). We rented a few movies, most of which I was glad to have a strong man to cuddle into when the action became too intense. ‘An American Tale’ was calm enough for me to enjoy all the way through. And we went on walks, just enjoying each others company.

This week is our first of ‘real life.’ We are settling into our apartment here in Medford Oregon, and I’m learning that life does not revolve around me like it did before the wedding ;-) Nathaniel leaves for work around 7:30 in the morning and comes home for the lunch hour, arriving home in the evenings around 4:30. This week end we will be in Seattle Washington where Nathaniel is participating in a Ruby conference.

Even in the normalness of life I feel blessed to be Mrs. Nathaniel Talbott.

And life continues on. I don’t know what plans the Lord has for us in the future, but I do know that they are plans for good. He has proven Himself faithful in the past and I know that He will remain faithful. “Therefore know that the LORD your God, He is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments.” Deut. 7:9

~ Katie Talbott