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Not at This Address

I feel sort of like a revolving door for mail. I mean, it’s nice to get lots of correspondence and all, but when you have to put half of it back in the outgoing bin because it was intended for someone who hasn’t lived at your address for who knows how long (and didn’t leave a forwarding address), it can begin to be a bit tiresome. And it’s not like it’s junk mail, either… bills, subscription information, you name it, we’ve received it. The other day we even received the power bill for someone in the #30 apartment of another complex… the variety at least was nice.

The best by far are the ESPN magazines, though… when I get one, I tell Katie she has mail, and then show her this huge magazine with some muscle-bound, sour-looking sports idol on it (and he’s never even wearing a shirt!). The looks I get are quite amusing :-)

Of course, if you’ve ever lived in apartments with a high turnover, you probably already know exactly what I’m talking about… so feel free to just ignore me.