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My First Big Test at Being Nathaniel's Wife ... Can I Cook a Steak???

Nathaniel recently celebrated his 4th year anniversary working for RoleModel Software. For this special occasion they sent us some Omaha steaks.

Nathaniel enjoyed the dry ice they were shipped in almost as much at getting the meat! He transformed before my very eyes from being my responsible husband to a mad scientist! While I was still putting the meat in the freezer he was looking up on the Internet what cool things he could do with dry ice. Thankfully he was very cautious and didn’t hurt himself or ruin anything. About the neatest thing he did was put some in a bowl and pour water over it to produce fog. (Which there has been enough of naturally here in Oregon ;-).

Since being married, I haven’t purchased any meat besides chicken or ground beef because I’m too much of a penny pincher. Whenever I look at the price on cuts of beef I almost pass out. (My family raised their own beef so we always had a freezer full and never had to buy it from the grocery store. It was probably just as expensive, only I never saw the price tag.) Not having cooked any steak for Nathaniel before, he was very concerned that I not over cook the two filet mignons that I first took out of the freezer. Thanks to the Omaha Steak Company, who gave very detailed instructions on how long to cook steak, they turned out very tasty. Maybe I thought they were so good because I was just glad to breath again after holding my breath for the 14 minutes that they cooked…

It looks like we will be moving to North Carolina the first or middle of March, so I am spacing the steaks out accordingly ;-)