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Alive and Well in NC

Dear Family and Friends,

We have arrived! We moved into our new apartment in Cary, North Carolina on March 10th, and have most of the boxes unpacked.

I’m such a slow poke
when it comes to unpacking!

The trip out here was almost uneventful, and went very well. It was great seeing family and friends on the way. I can’t say too much for the scenery, as we drove by a lot of desert!

The apartment we have is very nice. It is two stories; has two bedrooms, 1 1/~2~ baths, a living room, a dinning room, and a small kitchen. We do have a washer/dryer hook up, but have yet to purchase one. I have a great mother-in-law who has helped us with our laundry, but we’ve been searching the classified ads hoping to find our own washer and dryer soon.

We did recently purchase a couch, which I am so grateful for! It has a cream background with large roses all over it. The main color is a rosy wine, with some blues, yellows, and lots of green leaves. It is so nice to have a couch to “plop” down on again. I use it almost daily for my naps ;-)

As of today we are 24 weeks along in our pregnancy. That’s over half way. Our due date is July 28th. We met with the midwives at the birthing center and I had my first check up. It went very well. They said I was in good health and that I should be able to deliver a good sized baby. (I would be just as happy with a small healthy baby…) Nathaniel went with me and we heard the babies heart beat for the first time. I am now looking pregnant. I think my belly is enlarging every day. Imagine a basketball cut in half placed on my stomach and you will have a good picture of how big I am. We are attending a Bradley birthing class on Tuesday nights for the next 8 weeks. I sometimes have a hard time remembering I’m not single anymore, let alone that I am a pregnant woman! Such new experiences…

Nathaniel is glad to be back working in RoleModel’s studio. At present they are finishing up a project for IBLP. He just returned from a week long business trip to Oregon. It was my first experience at being a work widow and our first separation since being married. I am very glad he is back now. I did have the car while he was gone and made good use of it.

A co-worker of Nathaniel’s, Adam Williams and his family live in the same apartment complex as we do. They have been such a help and encouragement. We have been to their house twice for dinner which was a great blessing while in the middle of unpacking. Laura Williams is a wonderful mother of two young children. She’s very practical and easy to get to know. It’s been great having someone to tell me where the grocery stores are and where the nearest Walmart is. They both have a passion for the Lord that is convicting and encouraging.

Shopping has so far been my greatest trial. There are so many stores around; many of which we don’t have back west. They do have Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and JC Pennys. Food shopping has been a challenge too. The prices are a lot higher here and it almost killed me when I first went grocery shopping (being the penny pincher that I am). I’m very thankful to God for putting us near an Aldi’s. They have pretty decent prices. I’ve also been told they have a great farmer’s market in the area. That could be a good source for produce in the summer

Church has been good. We are attending Nathaniel’s home church, Bethany Hills Baptist. It’s different than my home church, but still very good; very dedicated to God and His word. I’m looking forward to being involved in some way. In the past I’ve found that serving with others is the easiest way for me to get to know them.

This apartment has a small patio in the back which I cleaned up last week. It looks much better now that the weeds are gone and there’s some fresh bark covering the dirt. I bought a few large pots and planted two tomato plants, and in some smaller flower boxes I started some salad plants. It was fun being outside, getting my hands into dirt again.

There’s much more I could chat about, but I need to get some house work done before Nathaniel comes home. Thanks to those who have e-mailed! It’s been good to hear from friends. I haven’t gotten home sick yet, but am expecting it to hit me sometime. I have been quite busy and attribute that to keeping the home sickness away.

I will try to post things more regularly to keep you all updated. (For those of you who want to see my brother’s site, take a look at There are some great pictures of Abianne!)

Love to you all,

~ Katie (and Nathaniel) Talbott

Our new address is:

Nathaniel and Katie Talbott
1243 Patrick Cir. Apt. A
Cary, NC 27511
And you can e-mail us at our same e-mail addresses.