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A News Update on the Talbotts

There’s nothing like a little competition! I just looked at my brother’s web site and discovered the new pictures and updates that he posted ( It motivated me to get a move on it and post some news myself.

Nathaniel and I just arrived back from a 10-day trip to Oregon. He went on business (working in Medford for 5 days) and I tagged along for the ride. It was good to see family and friends again. I was surprised to find so much change taking place in my family and friends lives.

It seems like this is the year for most of my friends in Oregon to get married. I must say it’s about time; as there have been marriageable girls in our church for quite a while. It has been special to see how God is coordinating everything in His perfect timing. Change has not always been easy for me, and this change, happening while I’m a “million miles” from home, has been a bit of a challenge. I am very excited and happy though. Marriage has been such a special direction in my life, and I pray that my friends will find as much happiness and fulfillment in their marriages as I have found in mine. Marriage is a very good thing in God’s timing and to God’s choosing.

While in Medford Nathaniel found out he had Infectious Mononucleosis; also known as Mono. He was miserable for at least half of our stay. He spent a lot of time sleeping, reading, sleeping, eating popsicles, sleeping and watching movies – when he wasn’t working of course. The poor guy! I think he is fully recovered now.

We have 8 weeks of pregnancy to go. Someday we will post pictures of what a pregnant Katie looks like (for those of you who have wondered ;-). We saw the midwife this week and everything is going great. We are right on schedule. One thing I will miss after this pregnancy is the maternity clothes. I love them! They are so loose and comfy.

I bought a Casio keyboard Saturday! I’m excited to have something in the apartment to make noise on (besides the vacuum cleaner and the stereo). Nathaniel didnít want to purchase a real piano until after we moved into our first house. Since purchasing a house will probably be a few years down the road, he suggested a keyboard. I found this one on E-Bay. It was posted by someone in the Raleigh area, and the reserve price hadn’t been met after the first auction. I contacted the seller and found out she lived about 10 minutes away from here. She was very happy to sell it to us directly.

I guess the biggest news since last typing to you all, is that Nathaniel was laid off of work. The company he’s worked for, RoleModel, has had a hard time finding business and is shutting its doors soon. I’ll let Nathaniel fill you in on the details sometime. At this point he is looking into starting up his own business while doing programming on the side to support us. It’s an exciting and new time for us. We would appreciate your prayers.

Sunday night we finally were able to visit Jimmy and Sarah Thrasher and their new baby Chip (who is almost 4 weeks old). It was good to see a newborn and to talk to new parents knowing that we will be in the same situation in a few weeks.

I’m sure I’m excluding some exciting bit of news about the Talbotts, but my brain has reached the ‘empty’ stage. I’ll close for now. I look forward to hearing from you all in the near future ;-) God bless!

~ Katie Talbott