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A Talbott Update

Hello! A little update on the young Talbott family:

We are alive and well. Reuben is growing and maturing, Nathaniel is still doing contract work for CharacterLink from home, and I’m busy keeping them both fed. Some days that’s all I do! Feed the kid, then feed the dad. ;-)

Reuben is now 13 lbs. He resembles the Stone side of the family with his chubby cheeks, legs and arms. He is eating every 2 1/~2~ hours which might have something to do with his good weight gain. (Adam said he has more chins than a Chinese phone book ;-). His hairline is receding from rubbing his head on the blanket, but he also is sprouting new hair, so it won’t be long before he has a head full. Usually, Reuben wakes up for a morning “snack” at 5 or 5:30, returns to bed, and then wakes up again for breakfast around 8ish. Now that he has a consistent morning schedule down it keeps his days more scheduled. That makes for a happier baby and parents.

Reuben has been happier and has made his parents happier these days as he is content to lie by himself on a blanket, sit in his bouncy chair, or sit in the swing for short periods. For a while he was showing quite a temper. Every time he didn’t get his way he would have a screaming session, but Nathaniel has been working with him and we are seeing improvements. One of the greatest blessings is that he has learned some new vocal sounds. He used to have one cry for everything but now he can whimper, cry pitifully, coo, whine, he has a hurt cry, and he even has laughing down now. He started laughing a little over a week ago. That has been a fun development! Nathaniel can get him to laugh by tickling his chin, or giving him a horsy ride on his knee.

My sister Anna and friend Sara Chambers came out for a visit the middle of August. They were here for a week. I sure enjoyed having them. It was nice having family around. I didn’t feel like I had to entertain guests. I’m afraid I was too laid back with them as they did some of the house cleaning and meal preparations while here.

Anna spent most of her time with Ruth Talbott. They became good friends last year throughout our courtship and wedding. We didn’t tell Ruth that Anna was coming, and surprised her good. I picked Ruth up to spend the day with Sara and me. Ruth received the shock of her life when she opened the apartment door and found Anna standing there. We have a few pictures in one of the albums.

Shortly after Sara and Anna left, Nathaniel’s grandfather died. He went into the hospital for a quick knee surgery and died a month later because of medication problems. We flew to Houston Texas for the memorial service (held September 2nd), and stayed for a week with Nathaniel’s family at his grandma’s house.

Even though being in Texas wasn’t for a happy occasion, we did have an enjoyable visit. A handful of aunts, uncles, and cousins were there, which made for some fun visits and game times. A lot of Boggle, Spite and Malice, and Spit were played. It was nice for me to put faces on many of the names that I’ve heard the Talbottís talk about. Reuben was a good addition to the reunion. In the time of a death itís nice to be reminded of new life.

You can now view some of our wedding pictures here. I don’t know how to add them to our album, so this will have to due untill Nathaniel gets some time to post them.

Nathaniel has been getting a few job offers, and is applying for a couple of them in the area. Only time will tell what Godís direction is for us in this area.

We just found out that Adam and Laura Williams are expecting their third child in April. We are very excited for them. If they have a boy then Reuben will have a play mate that is a year younger than him.

We are going to Oregon in October. I don’t know what the motivation is for our going. It could be that it’s our wedding anniversary, or that we want to be at our friend Tricia’s wedding, or that we just want to visit the wonderful Stone family, or the wonderful Granny and Gramps, or that we want to introduce Reuben to all our friends and family back there. They actually all apply, especially being there for Tricia’s wedding and showing off Reuben ;-)

I may think of more to write tomorrow, but I close for now as itís bed time.


~ Katie Talbott