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It's Got to Be Here Somewhere!

But alas, no — instead I’m headed to the bank in a few to get a request for a duplicate notarized.

Oh, perhaps I should back up a minute and explain what I’m talking about. Y’see, we bought a new car a few months ago. I totalled said car about a week and a half ago. Now, to get the insurance payment for the car (which, thankfully, is generous – yet another reason to buy a Honda), I have to sign over the title to the insurance company. One problem — we can’t for the life of us find the title. We have a pretty well-organized filing cabinet, but somehow it didn’t make it in to it. Thus we’ve recently looked in to crannies of our little apartment that are usually sorely lacking in TLC.

Of course, I’m only about 90% sure we ever received the title in the mail after buying the car. Katie says she’s 99%, though, so I’m assuming the best about DMV and putting in the duplicate title application. The worst part of it is, though, that there’s a mandatory 15-day waiting period, plus the usual “speed” with which our government works, meaning we’re not going to have our money (and be able to replace our single car) until Thanksgiving-time. Augh! I’ll of course talk to the DMV folks and see if I can expedite it, but I’m not counting on it.

One thing about it, this’ll be the last title I ever lose! As Al Gore would say, I’m going to put the next one in a LOCKBOX!