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Talbott Update

The Talbott family is alive and doing very well. I’ll just give a quick update for you all.

February 1st, Nathaniel started working for a local company – MercuryMD. His first week went very well. One of the blessings with this job is that he gets to work with his good friend (and best man at our wedding) Duff O’Melia. Another is that he gets to program in Ruby for some of the time. If you want any specifics you should e-mail Nathaniel. About all I know is that every day he comes home happy and hungry ;-)

Reuben is in the process of potty training himself. I wish he would have waited a few more weeks before starting, as it’s difficult bending down to help him get on the toilet with a belly the size of a whale. But I am grateful for the interest he has shown. He also is starting to talk. He wants to say everything but usually can only handle the first consonant and vowel. (“Please” is Pea, “Button” is Bu, “book” is boo, etc.) He does have “Daddy,” “baby,” “ball,” “Uh, oh!,” “Mama,” and a few other select words down well.

I am one and a half weeks from my due date and feel ready to pop! We have had two false alarms already (the most recent being Saturday). I have finally resigned myself to the fact that I will be pregnant for the rest of my life… at least that is what it feels like at this point. I am very ready to hold this babe in my arms!

Our apartment lease ends this March, and we have given our 60-day notice. We are presently looking into purchasing our first house. I am looking forward to putting some paint on walls!!! I may have a red living room… It sounds great to me! Nathaniel may have something to say about that though. I guess it’s not something we have discussed before.

We purchased a 2001 Honda Odyssey in January and are enjoying the space and comfortable ride it gives. It’s gray and I love the fact that it doesn’t show the dirt!

Those are the main items of interest. If you have any specific questions please e-mail us. We would love to hear from you!