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Upgrade Complete

OK, we’re running on the new stuff. I’ve also added a little front page for those that still have links there, as well as tagging the blog as Powered in various places.

So what about this new version? Well, most of the changes are on the backend, and let me tell you, they’re sweet. There are more administration options, and some of the ones that were there seem better thought out now. One of the coolest new features: I can build the sidebar strip on the right using drag and drop, and there are more available modules to stick over there. Very slick.

Also nifty is the new theme support, which will allow folks that can actually design put together different looks that folks such as myself (who can’t design his way out of a paper bag) can use. I’m looking forward to seeing the different possibilities show up.

It’s really exciting to see Typo grow up – so many open source projects wither and die, and it’s fun to be running something so alive and exciting. While it was fun to write and use my own code for awhile, it’s much more sustainable using something that has a community around it. Plus, it’s written in Ruby, which means I might actually contribute!