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What more do you need to know? With my brand-spankin’ new 60GB Color iPod, I have yet another way to enjoy the ingenuity of the Apple design team. The little bugger is quite slick, and works just as advertised – nothing extra, just the things necessary to really enjoy music and podcasts galore. OK, and an occasional round of solitaire.

I’ve been considering one for over a year, but hadn’t been able to justify it. So why now? Recently I realized that I was having a lot of trouble focusing at work, and wanted to be able to provide my own background music to program to. I’ve used it for almost a week now, and I’ve found it helping a lot. The other thing I wanted to be able to do was enjoy more podcasts, which are much more interesting than 20 minutes of local talk radio on the way to and from work. IT Conversations are excellent, BTW.

Of course, this puppy also has the ability to store all of the digital photos I’ve ever taken x 10, so I can finally make up for not carrying pictures in my wallet. There’s also plenty of space for software, notes, and whatever else I can think of – the thing’s got almost as much hard drive space as my Powerbook! As Duff said when I was looking at them, though – “You can’t ever have too much space, man!”