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RubyConf Day 2 - Heckling

Wow, what a great day it was! I got quite invigorated by the various prodding I got to do, a little during the Q&A’s for talks, and more on the side with various people. First of all, I gave Ryan Davis a little bit of trouble for ZenTest – I think it may encourage a too “formulaic” approach to testing (I definitely agree with Eric Hodel’s sentiment about wanting to marry unit_diff, though, except that I’m already married). I also heckled Brian Marick about FIT – I still don’t get it and don’t like it. I told him my eyes glaze over when he talks about it on his blog, and I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings – I still think he should’ve written The Little Rubyist first, but I don’t hold it against him.

The other great discussion that took place was around Behavior-Driven Development, RSpec, and Mocking. I brought up my concerns to Aslak Hellesoy, Brian McCallister, Obie Fernandez, and the dozens of others that came to talk about it. We had a back-and-forth that I greatly enjoyed, and I hope they did, too (they said they did). At dinner, we kept going, and I think I succeeded in getting them almost as confused as I am on the subject. Basically, I think that what we’re doing is messy, and we need to be very pragmatic and less theoretical about how we attack things. Oh, and not carry Java-isms over in to Ruby. I look forward to seeing where they go with things, and stealing the best bits for test/unit.

Now to heckle my readers: if you didn’t make it here this year, WHY NOT?!? You’ve gotta come next year. This has been a fabulous conference, and I’m sure it’s only going to get better. Somehow we’ve got to figure out how to deal with the growing size, but I’m sure our fabulous organizers, David Alan Black and Chad Fowler, will lick that. So mark off a weekend in October next year, and come have fun with us. It’ll be a blast.