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The Long Tail of Software

The talk I gave at RubyConf 2005 on the long tail of software was very well received. For those who weren’t able to attend (or just want to review), there are lots of options:

  • I’ve posted the text of the talk, entitled The Railroad, Then and Now, with the images and media from the slides interspersed. I’ve also added lots of hyperlinks, so it should provide a good jumping off point for exploring the concept.
  • The audio of the talk is available (also in Ogg). Thanks to Jim Freeze and Paul Brannan for their work capturing these and Ezra Zygmuntowicz for doing the initial hosting. I’ve pulled them local just so I can make sure they’re always available.
  • There’s video available as well. It was done with an iSight hanging off of a Powerbook, so it’s OK but not great (kudos to Bil Kleb for capturing it, though!). I’d probably rather you just listened to me anyhow…

Over the next few days I’ll be posting reviews and discussions that the talk has spawned, so stick around – this ride’s only just begun!