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The Railroad: First Round of Feedback

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the feedback from my talk at RubyConf, and wanted to share some of the things people who were at the conference had to say:

  • “This is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been thinking about, and starting to implement – small tools for small organizations, or even for individuals. For me, that means talking to people in my small town (Silverton, Oregon, pop. 8,000) about what kinds of problems they’re having, or what they want to be doing, and how I could make them some useful tools.” – John Labovitz
  • “I think his strongest point was that business should be about serving people who aren’t served. Well said.” – Adam Keys
  • “This was a sort of Web-2.0-Long-Tail-Small-is-Beautiful blender of a talk.” – Francis Hwang
  • “Our work comes from small companies, businesses, or individuals who want some web applications built for them. Using Rails we can produce these applications faster and for less money.” – Jonathan Lim
  • “All the presentations were great, but a few really stuck out” – Michael Koziarski

This is only just the beginning — already, folks are taking these ideas and running with them. More on that in the near future…