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RailsConf Submission

I just put in my talk proposal for RailsConf:

Did you get fired up by the Long Tail of Software only to wonder how to get started? Is excellent software your passion, and they won’t let you do it where you work? Does the shift horn keep drowning out the train whistle?

If so, we need to talk about homesteading – staking off some land, farming it, building on it, and establishing a home base from which to be prosperous, in all the senses of the word. People have been homesteading for centuries, and this talk will focus specifically on the homesteaders served by the Transcontinental Railroad of the late 1800’s, and what we can learn from them about building things we’re passionate about. Don’t miss it!

Seriously, don’t miss it – it’s going to be a great conference, and you’d be crazy not to be there. Just don’t get in my way when registration opens or you’re liable to be trampled!