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QueryTrace: My First "Official" Rails Plugin

I just released my first “offical” Rails plugin today – yay for me! So, what does it do? Well:

It’s nice that ActiveRecord logs the queries that are performed when your actions are executed, since it makes it easy to see when you have serious inefficiencies in your application. The next question, though, is always, “OK, so where are those being run from?” Before QueryTrace, that question could be a real pain to answer, since you’d have to go trawling through your code looking for the culprit. Once you have QueryTrace installed, though, your logs won’t just tell you that you have a problem, they will pinpoint the location of that problem for you.

Update: QueryTrace’s official home is now on

Feedback is welcome, either here on the blog, or via email. Hope it helps you!



You are so productive right after the birth of your new son!

Do the sleepless nights give you more time for coding? ;)

Ryan Lowe

after script/plugin install query_trace I got the message:

svn: URL ‘svn://’ non-existent in that revision

it seems to work though :)

Nathaniel Talbott

topfunky: I think I was holding my breath waiting for the baby to be born (it was two weeks late). I get much more done when I’m ventilating normally :-)

Ryan: I think that’s caused by one of the repositories you discovered in step one not being available. Shouldn’t be a problem. If it gets annoying in the future, you can always ‘unsource’ that repo.