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Talbott Blog Launched

Since I returned to consulting and contracting in November, I’ve had a to-do item on my list to actually announce that fact and get a website up. Thankfully, I’ve been so busy doing paid work that I haven’t gotten around to it – until now. Click on over to and have a look, and then come back for a bit of (I think) interesting background.

Why did I finally get the Terralien website up? Well, when I released the QueryTrace plugin, my logs told me that a bunch of folks checking it out got curious and backed up to, and all they saw was a two-year-old holder page. Oops. And going in to my talk at RailsConf 2006 I had a feeling the same thing was going to happen again. It would be a shame to waste all those eyeballs, and so I worked with Matt McCray to get a simple site up that would let folks know how Terralien could help them out.

That’s what I’m really interested in – letting you know how Terralien might be able to help you. I’m passionate about small business, and a large part of that passion is for helping other people start their own businesses, or further build out an existing business. Terralien gives me an incredible opportunity to do exactly that, and the more the merrier. So lets get started, shall we?


Katie Talbott

I really like the layout of I also love the passion you guys have for what you do. (And I think that is an unbiased opinion.)