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Blog Divergence

A long time ago, I started a little personal blog under the name, “Nerfanu.” It was fun, it was me, and I don’t think even my Mom read it. Fast-forward to now – I apparently have ~150 faithful subscribers, and this blog has turned in to more of a tech/geek/biz blog than a personal blog. While tech is definitely a part of me, it’s such a big part that I feel like it has overwhelmed my ability to blog about more personal things here. So it’s time to move it out under its own roof, a move that I think will increase my motivation to blog about both personal and tech stuff.

Introducing The Ship’s Log, Terralien’s newly inaugurated group blog. Currently it’s just myself, but I’m really aiming to grow it in to a vehicle for giving the designers and developers in the Terralien network a much greater exposure than they have had to date, as well as for giving potential clients and collaborators a feel for the Terralien “personality.” If you’re interested in general tech, programming, entrepreneurship, small business, etc., head on over and grab the feed.

So where does that leave Well, it’s going to get a lot more personal around here – I’ll probably be spending more time talking about kids, and Christianity, and marriage, and perhaps even politics. Please do stick around if you’re interested in such, but don’t feel obligated – odds are, The Ship’s Log is probably more along the lines of what you were expecting when you grabbed my feed.

Now, none of the old content is going away, and I’ll probably occasionally cross-link articles between here and Terralien when subjects blur (as they will) between the two. But I’ve finally gotten over a somewhat irrational fear of dual blogs, and am really invigorated by the new setup. So do follow along with one or both, and I hope you enjoy the ride!