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Uncle Mark - 2007 Gift Guide & Almanac

Trying to figure out which digital camera is the best this year? Or what computer you ought to by? Or, conversely, are you tired of your family and friends pestering you, the “family techy”, with questions about how many megapixels, Apple vs. PC, which video game console is hot, and on and on and on? If so, then the Uncle Mark – Gift Guide and Almanac is for you.

Eschewing choice and embracing the power of simplicity, Uncle Mark’s gift guide doesn’t attempt to lay out the five top cameras with an eye-glazing feature comparison chart. No, he just tells you exactly which camera you should buy, gives you a few reasons for his choice, and leaves you with the simple steps of:

  1. Find Uncle Mark’s recommendation on Amazon
  2. Purchase
  3. There is no step 3!

I found all of his recommendations to be well thought out, entertaining and very concise. Our family gift this year is a new Canon SD30, and I didn’t have to spend hours poring over the specs for the nine jillion digital cameras on the market. Instead I just followed the simple steps above and we now have an amazing new camera just in time to take pictures of our cute kids opening gifts on Christmas.

It’s a bit strange writing a review of a bunch of reviews, but they’ve saved me a heap of time, and I think they’ll save you time, too. So check out Uncle Mark – Gift Guide and Almanac, and spend the your time drinking hot chocolate by the fire instead of scratching head over yet another feature comparison chart.

Merry Christmas!