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Trying Out Twitter

Is Twitter useful, fun, tyrannical, or some interesting combination of all three? That’s what I’m going to try to figure out. I don’t have any friends currently (that sounds bad, doesn’t it…), so if you’re already on Twitter or want to try it out, look me up via my personal email address and help increase the value of my trial.

If you’re on a Mac and you’re trying Twitter out, here are a few interesting tools:

  • Twitterrific
    An interesting little app that lives in the menubar and gives easy access to incoming and outgoing Twitters.
  • Tweet
    A Twitter script for Quicksilver that I’m going to try to hack to make it work a bit smoother works great once you get Quicksilver to see it.
  • Chitter (no longer available)
    Ties in your iChat status to Twitter. Very cool concept, but I’ll probably wait for the next release before trying.

If you have any thoughts on Twitter, let loose in the comments – I’m curious to hear what people think.


Michael D. Ivey

The Twitter “search by email” doesn’t work for me, but if you’re interested in lots of boring updates from rural South Alabama, I’m “ivey” on there. Using Tweet primarily, AIM and SMS less often.


I posted this yesterday and it must have gotten lost in the typo → mephisto move (it was typo when I posted). Anyway – I started using Twitter as a GTD inbox when on the road (Treo). A quick SMS note is a great way to remind yourself of something for the next time at a computer. Also – we’re considering using it for real time status/notifications for slices.


Michael: Added :-)

matt: Yah, sorry I lost your first comment – it got caught in the move, and I was too lazy to manually move it over. Using Twitter as a GTD inbox is a very interesting idea… I suppose I would have to stop being a ludite and get comfortable with SMS. Using it for status notifications sounds very cool – a nice supplement to montastic :-)