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Talbott Blog

Moved to Mephisto and Slicehost

Typo was getting creaky, and I wasn’t very happy with the old host I was on, so it was time to move the little Talbott blog over to something more maintainable. The majority of the move is done now that you’re reading this, and we’re running on Slicehost with Mephisto under the covers. Of course, the 80/20 rule says that the few things I have left to fix will take most of the time, but c’est la vi. Please, if you do find anything broken, don’t hesitate to drop me an email ( or add a comment here. Thanks!

Update: Here are a few of the resources I used in the transition from Typo to Mephisto:


Tim Lucas

Did you give deprec a run?

Stuart Eccles

Any advice on the move? I’m going to have to do it myself soon.


Ryan Daigle

I am giving slicehost a try as well and have been very happy with them – at least in these initial few days.


Tim: no, I actually have my own set of Rails deployment tools (some of which I plan on releasing soonish) that I used. Pretty amazing what you can do with Capistrano, isn’t it?

Stuart: the provided converter and Mephisto redirects are pretty good, the main things I’ve yet to do are get a decent theme and make sure I’m not dropping 404’s everywhere. I’ll throw some of the instructions I found helpful in to the article.

Ryan: I’m loving Slicehost.

Jake Good

Glad that you moved over and that you got it done! There were some very specific steps I had to do to get my Typo blog over to Mephisto, but I’m glad I could help with the routes!

You can actually eliminate a few of the routes by changed the Articles permalink setup in the admin….



I have been on slicehost for about 4 months and they are one of the best hosts I have had in my 10 years in the business…

If they would just open a second data center … :)


Guys – glad you are digging slicehost. Let us know if we can be doing anything better or making your lives easier…