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Ruby Hoedown!

Ever since Ruby started getting so successful that RubyConf filled up, and especially after I heard about the Ruby Central Regional Conference Grant Program, I’ve thought that it would be super-cool to have a regional Ruby conference down here in the south. Well, it’s a wish no longer: Ruby Hoedown 2007 has been announced, and behind the scenes things are moving along at a brisk pace to make this a Ruby conference to remember.

A little history: I started to organize a regional Ruby conference late last year, but as I got busy it sort of fizzled. Thankfully, Jeremy McAnally picked up the baton this winter and started pushing things forward, and I’ve been able to serve a support role as the conference has gotten off the ground. We’ve lined up a great location at Red Hat’s headquarters near downtown Raleigh, and are in the process of inviting a few speakers and putting the Call for Proposals (CFP) together.

If you’re at all interested in the conference do please head over to the conference website and sign up for the announcement list – we’ll be using it to communicate major happenings such as the CFP opening, the final conference schedule and the opening of registration. And of course, be sure to mark your calendar with the date registration opens (June 11th) and the conference dates themselves (August 10-11th) since we’re expecting this to be a sell out crowd – we wouldn’t want you to miss it.

See you in August!