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Navigating RubyConf

RubyConf is in Charlotte this year, just 3 hours from my home base in Raleigh, and I’m so looking forward to heading down there in a few weeks. I’ve attended a fair number of technical conferences, and RubyConf remains my all-time favorite, bar none. Judging by the agenda, this year is shaping up to meet or exceed past expectations, and whether you’re going for the first or the fifth time, I don’t think you’re going to regret it.

Needless to say, having the international Ruby conference in Charlotte has stirred up some Ruby interest in the queen city, and I was recently contacted by two Charlotte Rubyists in my role as organizer for Raleigh.rb. It looks like the Charlotte Ruby Group has been ably resurrected, and I’m going to be getting together with some of them to swap Ruby group tips at the conference. It’ll be great to have another strong Ruby group in a nearby city, and I’m looking forward to doing some joint activities in the future.

While talking with the Charlotte folks I started asking them about the RubyConf locale, and ended up convincing Scott Nedderman to put together a Google map to help us out-of-towners to get the lay of the land: Charlotte RubyConf Area Map. It looks like there’s some great places to eat (and to get a coffee fix) within easy walking distance, which is totally cool.

Which brings us to the last item: anyone want to go grab a bite to eat and get the conference kicked off right on Thursday night? And more generally, want to keep up with what’s going on between sessions during the conference? If so, head over to Facebook and join the RubyConf Event where I’ll be hanging out trying to organize some fun stuff. Werewolf, Settlers of Catan, Mario Kart, the Erlang Video Club, we’ll be talking about all of it.

Oh, and just in case anyone hasn’t caught on: I’M EXCITED ABOUT THIS CONFERENCE!!!! And I can’t wait to see you all there…