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Our Weekend

We decided to see the sea this weekend. It was different than what I expected in that there were lots of bays to stop at, but not many ocean views.
Jasper Beach was our first stop:

I’m so used to the Oregon coast where you drive down the highway with the ocean in view the whole length of the state. In Maine there are so many inlets that (as far as I can tell) you never do drive near the ocean. You never get a good eye full.

This is also the first time I have had to bundle my kids in snow clothes before going out to the beach. Thankfully, they mostly have rock beaches. Rocks are much easier (and cleaner) to pick up with mittened hands.

Daddy and Etan enjoying the day:

Reuben enjoying the rocky shore:

Elaine and I were walking buddies. It was hard for her to walk on those rolling rocks: