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A Few Miscellaneous Pictures

These are a bit random, but ones I wanted to share:

Can you tell who keeps sneaking the camera even though she isn’t supposed to?! (Hint – her name begins with the letter Elaine)


Aunt Claire sent us a cookie mix for Valentine’s Day:

Etan is playing with toys now:

I let William help with lunch. We tried a hammer for breaking the Ramen Noodles. Didn’t work too well, but we had fun pounding:

Our wimpy attempt at a snowman on Monday:

Reuben eating the last of the “clean” snow:

This snow fall came over night, but was gone by 11 AM. We now are practically snowless; it’s just piled up from plowing and shoveling previous snowfall. Rain is in the forecast until we leave for North Carolina on March 2nd, but we are still praying for some snow.